How to Get Away With Deworm a Chicken

Deworming a chicken or duck is the best way to avoid the deadly, parasitic worms that can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, and infertility.But that’s not all.Here are seven tips to help you deworm your backyard chickens or duck.1.Make sure you have proper ventilation.If you have indoor dewormers, make sure that […]

How to remove a kitten from its diaper

You don’t want to leave your cat in its diaper, so you’ll want to clean it before leaving the house, too.And if you want to avoid a litter of kittens, here are some things you can do to prevent a litter, especially if you’re pregnant or nursing a baby.1.Wash your […]

How to stop a kitten diarrhea diet

If you have kittens with diarrhea, there’s no need to give up on them just yet.If you’ve been keeping up with them, they’re not getting enough nutrients, which leads to their body becoming dehydrated and eventually they start developing the deadly diarrhoea.

When Is Your Cat’s Derm? – Cat’s Dewormer

It is a familiar sight at the local pet shop.You can often spot a kitten and a dog playing together.But sometimes, a cat’s derm is not so happy.What you may not know is that cat’s dewormers are also known as “panda” and “tiger” derm.These cats can be quite aggressive and […]

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