Dewormer to go on sale in Australia

Posted December 03, 2018 11:23:03Amazon is selling a new dewormers for cats, which is expected to be a huge boon for those who are looking to reduce their household costs.The company says it will be making the product available in Australia through Australia.The product will be called Bandy for […]

When do you need to deworm your children?

When your kids start to feel sick, you need deworming, but you can use a simple dewormers’ kit.What is a deworm?Dewormers are simple products that are sold at most supermarkets, and they are available in a range of colours and shapes.They have a special cartridge inside, which can hold a […]

The Costco Catch-Up Dewormer Walmart Is Now $4.99

Walmart has just released a price drop on its Deworming Day Day coupon, which was previously $9.99.That’s down from $9 and up from $12.99 per month.Walmart also dropped the price on a “Hookworm” dewormers.That dewormant costs $5.99 and contains hookworms.“Hookworms are a common food borne parasite that can cause an […]

Costco to remove ‘dewormer’ from pet products

A retail giant is moving away from its long-held policy of requiring pet owners to remove all traces of parasites from their dogs’ faeces, in response to concerns that it may encourage the spread of Lyme disease.The company, which sells pet food, is the first major retailer to drop the […]

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