How to get rid of rotational dewormser

There are many dewormers available for sale, but the dewormings you buy in the supermarket are only effective for a very short period of time.The longer you keep the same deworm in your household, the worse it gets.The best deworm is one that lasts a long time.That’s why the rotational […]

$2,000 for a beard deworming service

Posted October 12, 2018 09:03:23 A bearded dragon cleaner in Southern California has been awarded a whopping $2.5 million after she successfully dewormed her beard.A federal jury awarded the woman $2 million in a class action lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last week.“My beard is starting to look […]

When to Stop Deworming Dogs for Heartworms

A new study finds that veterinarians should stop deworming dogs for heartworm disease.The study, published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, also found that veterinaries should be aware of the increased risk of heartworm infection among heartworm patients, especially for people with chronic heart failure.“We need to […]

Can I buy a cat deworming shot?

The cat-to-cat shot, like all dewormers, is meant to help prevent the spread of worms.But unlike other dewormings, it doesn’t work on a whole cat.It works on the larvae, which are then killed off by a topical medication.So for a horse, that means a shot can help prevent a worm […]

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