Which dog food is best for dogs with fleas?

Dogs are constantly exposed to fleas, so they need food that can prevent them from becoming infected, but can also help with flea control.A new dog food may be just what your pet needs to keep them healthy and happy.The Daily Mail reports that a company called Dogfish has developed […]

How to prevent your pet from getting dewormed

Veterinarians are urging owners to take extra precautions with their pets when they are exposed to the herbicide paraquat.The herbicide is used to control worms in cattle, sheep, and goats, as well as in pets.If pets are exposed, the symptoms are often a rash or burning sensation, and diarrhea.The Centers […]

When is your cat flea and tick shot?

It’s a popular myth that fleas and ticks are spread by people, but cats don’t actually transmit them to humans.Instead, they’re usually transmitted from other cats, such as cats that are ill.If a cat does come in contact with a person, that person will often bite it or lick it […]

How to Deworm Your Dog

The prosense company has been making a name for itself with its new canine deworming system that promises to make the process of getting rid of a dog’s fleas and ticks a bit easier.The company’s new device, called the Liquid Dewormer and the Liquid Cauliflower, will work like a hair […]

How to protect cattle against dengue virus

More than 4 million cattle in the US are expected to be infected by the denguya coronavirus, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said on Tuesday.The new numbers, announced by the agency on Tuesday, show that the number of US dengues has increased to more than 2 million.This is an […]

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