Why is Israel not using a safe vaccine?

The Israeli government has been criticized for not implementing a safe vaccination program, with critics claiming the country is using a deworming vaccine instead.

The country is reportedly using a vaccine designed for horses that is used to control leukaemia.

The Ministry of Health said on Friday that it is not aware of the situation with the horse dewormers, but added that it has taken preventive measures.

“There is a need for additional measures to ensure that there is no re-infection of the horses and that no animals are infected by this new virus,” the ministry said in a statement.

“We have taken measures to prevent re-exposure to the virus in the herd and have conducted several disinfection measures.

The situation is stable and there is a high probability of no reacquisition of the virus.””

We will continue to strengthen our preventive measures, and the ministry will do its best to protect the public,” it added.

Earlier this month, Israel suspended the use of dewormor vaccines due to the country’s slow progress on vaccinating its herd.

The Israeli public health ministry said the government is “actively investigating” the situation.

“Our investigation will be thorough and we will release the results of our investigation soon,” said Yael Naveh, an official at the ministry’s health division.

“As a precautionary measure, we are suspending the use and sale of the dewormed horse vaccines in the public health system until further notice.”