The dewormers of Reddit

dewormed: cats and dogs can’t go without their food source Reddit article The Dewormers subreddit has a thread dedicated to cats and their dewormings, and it’s all about how they can do it without the help of their owners.

The thread, which has over 300 comments, is full of suggestions and advice, including suggestions for keeping cats away from their human owners. 

This guide has a few recommendations for cats to follow when they’re going to deworm, like: don’t take them to the vet and have them come in for an x-ray, as they’re likely to have worms and other parasites and will have difficulty getting rid of the worms.

If you’re taking your cat to the veterinarian, you might want to have your vet do a physical exam and test for parasites as well, and have a friend watch the cat.

If your cat has parasites in their lungs, take them into the vet for a test, and keep them there as long as you can, but make sure to bring them into a room with plenty of air.

Also, if your cat gets a cold, they might be able to shed some parasites.

If they’re not shedding any parasites, it might be worth going into the home for a little bit to get the colds under control.

If all of that sounds like too much to do, then try to avoid your cat from taking their catnip to the toilet and taking it out of their bowl to wash their paws.

Instead, make sure your cat can get a good rinse in the sink and shower, as the shampoo will keep the worms out of your cat’s paws and coat.

Lastly, if you’re going for a deworm with your cat, try to get them to keep a clean bowl and wash it regularly.

If this is your first deworm experience, you should really be able go in and do a few sessions. 

The advice in this post may be helpful to some people, but for some people it may be too much for their cats.

You can check out a list of deworm recommendations on the Reddit subreddit, where the deworm-ing thread is hosted.