When is your cat flea and tick shot?

It’s a popular myth that fleas and ticks are spread by people, but cats don’t actually transmit them to humans.

Instead, they’re usually transmitted from other cats, such as cats that are ill.

If a cat does come in contact with a person, that person will often bite it or lick it or brush it.

If you’re bitten by a flea, you can usually remove it by rubbing the bite mark.

But if the flea is not killed, it can infect you or the person you’re touching.

If that happens, you’ll likely need to take antibiotics to prevent infection.

The only time you can’t get rid of fleas is if they are caught in your body.

But the only time fleas are not a risk is if you have an infected cat.

Fleas do have an incubator, so if you’re getting fleas from a cat you may be able to avoid having a bite mark on you.

There’s no specific time limit to get rid, but if you want to get fleas out of your body, take a fleas vaccination.

It doesn’t require a shot, so you can take it every three to six weeks.

But once you get flea shots, the risk of getting flea bites goes down.