How to make a kitten’s diarrhea go away

The dog who came in second in a race to clean up the feces of a dog who was sick was a cat dewormers veterinarian.

The feline owner of the kitten, who has been named by the local news station WSBTV, said she didn’t realize she was so sick until she went into the bathroom and found a small lump on the toilet seat.

“The kitten was lying on the floor and it was on her back and the stool was a little lump on her bottom,” she said.

“I couldn’t tell if it was the kitten or me.”

The vet’s assistant who took the kitten to the vet said the lump looked like the kitten’s feces.

She said it was clear the kitten had diarrhea.

The kitten’s owner told WSB TV she did not know if she would ever have to use the kitten as a pet again.

“She’s a really sweet cat, so I don’t want to be in that situation,” the owner said.

The vet told WVLT that the kitten was tested for fleas, worms and parasites, and that the owner had a history of using deworming drugs, but it was too late for the kitten.

“It’s a long road to recovery, but I think the vet is doing well,” said Dr. Karen DeRoche, a veterinary assistant who helped clean up what she called a “cat poop mess.”

“The vet did a thorough test and confirmed the cat was sick,” she added.

The cat’s owner said she will keep the kitten for the next few weeks and may give it to a friend or a family member who may need it.