Canine Dewormer: $10,000 in coupons, $20 for each tablet

The Food Network has a few new commercials for its pet-friendly, dog-friendly pet food brands, and the company is using them as a springboard to its $10 million deal to acquire pet food company Petmart.

The deal includes two brands — a pet deworming pill and the Oral Deworming Treatment (ODT) tablet — both of which are currently available in the United States for about $10 per tablet.

The ODT is the pet food brand Petmart acquired in 2015.

Petmart already has a pet food business in the U.S. It sells products to veterinarians, dog walkers, and people who want to keep their pets’ teeth clean.

The new deal will also include Petmart’s pet dewatering products, which Petmart will sell under the brand name DermCare.

These products are made with natural ingredients, and they’re designed to remove plaque and bacteria from your pet’s mouth.

They’re also available in a range of pet food varieties.

PetMart has also launched a new pet nutrition label called PetMood that includes information about the benefits of using these products.

PetMod aims to help pet owners choose pet foods based on the nutrition information on their pet’s labels, and to encourage people to take their pets on walks and other activities.

“As our customers continue to experience food allergies and allergies reactions, PetMud will be a great place to find out more about what they should be eating for their pets, what foods work best for them, and how we can help them,” PetMart CEO Doug Wurzer said in a statement.

“We are excited about this strategic partnership and how this partnership will help us deliver great pet nutrition to our customers.”

PetMart also announced it has purchased two additional pet food companies: pet-dieting company PetLife and dog-disease-deterrent products company PetSmart.

The company also added a pet-care service called PetDogs that will focus on providing pet owners with pet-specific nutrition plans.

The PetDegree program, which was announced in 2016, was launched to help consumers find pet-approved nutrition plans for their animals, which can include food for their pet, pet supplies, and other supplies.

PetDeeds, a pet nutrition program, is now available on PetSmart’s website.

Petsmart also said it will invest in online resources to educate pet owners about the health benefits of their pet food and pet health.