Why do cats need to dewormers?

A cat owner in China has decided to offer a kitten dewormer that she says can prevent the kitten from becoming overweight and becoming aggressive.

The kitten, named Bae, has been dewormed every year since she was two weeks old, according to the owner.

This year, she was given a vitamin B3 pill that was administered by a veterinarian and has been eating a diet of grass-fed beef and rice.

The deworming drug has been approved by the Chinese Food and Drug Administration.

The owner said she is also considering selling Bae to a pet store to save money.

The cat is already obese and has an extremely low body weight, which causes her to become aggressive, said the owner, who asked that her name not be published.

The dewormment is being offered by a woman in her 40s who has a cat named Chia.

Bae is not the only one with a health problem.

Another kitten named Biao has an elevated blood pressure and has a liver condition.

In addition, there are also other kittens that need dewormings but don’t appear to be gaining weight.

In recent years, there have been several cases of cats being born with heart defects, including Bae.

The cat owner said the deworm treatment is available through the local veterinary clinic, but there has not been much information on how it works and how much it costs.

The owners are also trying to figure out a way to sell Bae in China.

They also are hoping to make the cat more popular in China, according the owner of the shop.

They are planning to hold an online event to sell more deworm products in China in the coming weeks.

The online event will be held on March 11 at the Shanghai branch of a local veterinary hospital.