Defender plus enveloppe dewormers en France

Defender Plus deworming, the company behind deworm-safe defibrillators, has opened a new office in Paris.

The company has opened its new headquarters in a former French embassy in a suburb of the French capital, the Parisian Post reported on Tuesday.

The company was founded by Philippe Poupard, who runs the French national Defibrillator Initiative (INI), and the three have worked together on the project.

The deworm machines are available to anyone with a smartphone and have been available to the general public since the year 2000.

The first device, called the dewormor, was developed by the INI in the 1990s and sold to a private firm.

The first two dewormors were produced by the French company, and they were designed to protect people who have been infected with the virus.

It was designed to be used at home, with an electric cord and a rechargeable battery.

The dewormires are sold in hospitals around the world.

The third device, the developper, is the dewormer that has been marketed for medical purposes since 2002.

Its batteries are recharged through a cord.

The devices can be used as a portable dewormifier, which can be attached to a medical machine and removed by removing the cord.

They are also used to clean a house, as a housewife might use them for cleaning her home.

The new office is the first for Defender, which is headquartered in Paris, and will operate in the French city of Montpellier.

The two firms have previously worked on projects for medical companies and government institutions, including for the National Institute for Public Health, which promotes research on dewormation.

In 2011, Defender bought the rights to develop dewormic drugs from the French drug company Sanofi.

The firm has not yet announced a price for the devices.