Why are petco deworms expensive?

Petco dewormers are among the most expensive foods in the country, costing the average person about $50 per bottle, according to an analysis by Food & Water Watch.

The report notes that the average price for petco, a national chain of grocery stores, has more than doubled since 2009.

“The company has been accused of making a profit off the dewormers it sells, even as the company’s own data shows that dewormings have a negative impact on the environment,” Food & Wine reported.

Petco is currently facing a lawsuit by the Food & Drug Administration, which accuses the company of misusing and mislabeling ingredients in its petco brand.

Petcos, which is owned by Kroger Co., is facing a $1.3 billion class action lawsuit from consumers.

The FTC said it would be conducting an investigation into the claims of mislabeled ingredients in the petco pet deworm products.

PetCo said in a statement that its “dewormers are made from organic ingredients, have no antibiotics, are free of preservatives, and do not contain any animal or synthetic ingredients.

We’re committed to making sure all our products are made in the United States.”

Petco has been a target of the FDA for years for its food-labeling problems.

The agency’s proposed rule requires all petco products to include a disclaimer stating that their ingredients are free from the ingredients in petco’s other products.

The FDA is expected to release its proposed rule on petco and other food manufacturers in the coming months.