A pet snake is saving the day in the U.S. pet health care

By: Lauren Mottram, Staff ReporterJune 14, 2018 8:38amA pet snake that was prescribed for severe constipation is saving lives, and it’s helping people with diarrhea control their symptoms.

The pet snake has been called “snake oil” by some, but it’s a great addition to the pet wellness regimen.

“It’s really helped people to be able to feel better and to be more productive in their everyday life,” said Kimberly Smith, the co-owner of the dog park.

“They were so worried about the fact that their dog was going to vomit, or that their cat would have diarrhea, or whatnot,” she added.

“We have to have the option to go back to having to do everything by hand.”

Smith’s dog has severe constrictions and diarrhea and has been in the house for two years, so she’s been using a snake to treat the problem.

“I think it’s really made her more relaxed and more active in her daily life,” Smith said.

“She’s getting better with her bowel movement.”

The snake, called a cobra, was introduced to Smith by her veterinarian.

The reptile is also a treat for people with a digestive disorder.

The snake is available for $25 a month at her pet park in South Carolina.

Smith says it’s made her feel better about the situation.

“There’s no way I could have gotten my dog this much better if I wasn’t taking care of him,” she said.

Smith said she’s seen a decrease in the number of cases of diarrhea.

“He’s doing well now and is doing a great job of making me feel better,” she noted.

The reptile also helps people with arthritis and chronic pain.

“When I was in my 30s, I had arthritis in my knee,” she explained.

“And it was really a chronic pain issue and I couldn’t really do anything.

I just felt like I couldn, so I started to think about snake oil.

I started getting really excited when I got a cobras and I thought, ‘Oh my god, I can take care of my arthritis now.'”

Smith said the snake has also helped her with her constipation, which she says is a problem in the South.

“In some areas of the South, it’s hard to go to the grocery store and be able go to a grocery store.

And if you can’t go to your neighborhood grocery store, it really limits your ability to get groceries,” she pointed out.”

But for me, I really need to get around a lot, so when I can go out there and just get groceries, I feel like I’m getting better.”

Smith said it’s not just about the snake.

“Snakes are great.

They have been really helpful,” she told ABC News.”

If you have chronic constipation and it keeps coming up, they are just like the perfect medicine to help you get through it.

They can help you digest and move things.”

Smith and her dog have been doing snake oil therapy since they were teenagers.

She said her dog is now a certified snake whisperer and treats the dog and her constrictive cat.