Pets Save the Day: Dog, cat save puppies with drug store dog food

Time article A pet food company is working to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats with the new “Dog” drugstore dog food.

Dog, cat, and kitten food giant Wal-Mart announced Tuesday that it will sell a “dog-friendly” dog food for pet owners who don’t want to buy packaged pet foods.

The pet food maker is working with PetSmart and other retailers on a new product called the “PetSmart Dog” food, according to the company.

PetSmart says the new pet food will offer the same health benefits and nutrition as Wal-Marts own pet food.

Pet-friendly dog food companies have been working on pet food for more than a decade.

Wal-mart, Target and Walmart all have pet-friendly pet food products, but PetSmart’s PetSmart Dog will be the first product to offer pet food with the “dog food” designation.

Pet food companies say the PetSmart Pet Food is designed for dogs and cat owners who are looking for a pet food that’s high in vitamins and minerals and will be a good choice for cats and dogs with allergies.

Walmart and Target are also offering pet food to pets with allergies, and PetSmart says that its pet food has been tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use with cats and children with allergies and asthma.

The PetSmart “Dog Food” product will be available at PetSmart stores nationwide starting Aug. 7.

Walmart says it is testing the PetShots dog food in humans and cats and expects to have the first batches of the PetSafe Dog Food in stores by late July.